Cloudy : A highly scalable database

Cloud computing has changed the view on data management by focusing primarily on cost, flexibility and availability instead of consistency and performance at any price as traditional DBMS do. As a result, cloud data storages run on commodity hardware, are designed to be scalable, easy to maintain and highly fault-tolerant often providing relaxed consistency guarantees. The success of key-value stores like Amazon’s S3 or the variety of open-source systems reflect this shift. Existing solutions, however, still lack substantial functionality provided by a traditional DBMS (e.g., support for transactions and a declarative query language) and are tailored to specific scenarios creating a jungle of services. That is, users have to decide for a specific service and are later locked into this service, preventing the evolution of the application, leading to misuse of services and expensive migrations to other services. With Cloudy we have started to build our own highly scalable database, which provides a completely modularized architecture and is not tailored to a specific use case. For example, Cloudy supports stream processing, as well as SQL and simple key-value requests.

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