An Efficient Multi-Tier Tablet Server Storage Architecture

This work presents a new, highly scalable, and efficient TSSL architecture called the General Tablet Server Storage Layer or GTSSL.
Specific contributions include –
1. Improved data compaction algorithms significantly, and adapted them to multi-tier storage architectures.
2. Aggressive use of advanced algorithms, data structures, and Bloom filters to achieve 3–10× faster lookups (reads), and 5× faster insertions (writes) over Cassandra and HBase.
3. Integrated versatile and efficient transactions without compromising performance.
4. Empirical and theoretical evaluation of GTSSL, the Cassandra TSSL, and the HBase TSSL for a wide range of configurations from read-optimized to write-optimized.
5. Write-optimized TSSL architecture can remain efficient for transactional workloads in comparison to Berkeley DB and MySQL’s InnoDB.

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